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Ferenc L. Gazsó - Miklós Zelei:
Szépséghibák (Beauty defects) - 1986


Ferenc L. Gazsó and Miklós Zelei, journalists published their book titled Szépséghibák (Beauty defects) in 1986 on their own costs. The book introduces Csilla, provides a deeper insight into the hidden backgrounds of the Hungarian beauty industry of the 80's and makes efforts to unveil its evil side.

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Sándor Friderikusz:
Isten óvd a királynőt! (God save the queen!) - 1987

The book titled Isten óvd a királynőt! (God save the queen!) by Sándor Friderikusz was published in 1987 and basically a collection of more than a hundred interviews. It was published 4 times and was the No.1 in the international toplist of books for months.