Two songs were composed in memory of Csilla.

Right after her death, one of the most popular contemporary music bands, Első Emelet (First floor) preserved her memory in the song titled 'Szépek szépe balladája' (ballad for the beauty of the beauties). In the song they do not even mentioned Csilla's name for two reasons, on the one hand for attaching a more universal context, on the other hand, the news block out concerning Csilla's death was still in force at that time, so they did not want the song to be banned.

In 1989, the name of Sándor Homonyik, a previously totally unknown young man, won fame all of a sudden for coming out with the song titled 'Álmodj királylány' (Dream, little princess), which became one of the most popular hits of the time. The music video was continuously on in the various music programmes of the state TV channel, and Sándor Homonyik still cannot hold any concerts without this song even nowadays.


Raw translations of the lyrics:

Ballad for the beauty of the beauties
extract from the song

The wind is blowing her hair, now
Her face reflects in the lake
She is just a girl destined to be
a gorgeuos beauty.

The trap of dreams lure her
Embraced by the light
And the girl reaches that
She'd never hoped for.

The beauty of the beauties
Tell me, where she is?!
Love was still waiting for her.
Her smile breaks through the wall of oblivion,
And lives on in boys' eyes

The words are stabbing into the heart,
Neither can beauty protect her.
She is safeguarded from nobody
by being sixteen.

Her damned blessing chases her.
The light has gone dark.
The bell is ringing for her,
But she doesn't answer anymore.

Cover of the album

Dream, little princess
extract from the song

You had already lost so many things,
When the sun shone to you
And you were able to win
You commenced with sincerity and pureness
But the way was lengthy
And probably there was too much mud

You were said to be a star
And we did not take care of you,
A momentary happiness
That could be all
That was your life

You played naively but others played tough with you
The flow of words rolling like pearls
False compliment passed far away
Look, you finally lost yourself
You forgot even that you had loved
and you had been loved

You are looking at us from a photograph
Hidden secret in your eyes
A secret that nobody can forsee ever again
Nobody figures out any more

Dream, little princess
As peacefully as in the tales
Dream, little princess
Your life was also a dream
Now, you are a dream for us, as well
So dream on, dream on

Sándor Homonyik

Peter P. Hill: Angyal az ördögök között (Instrumental)
Peter P. Hill: Angel between devils (Instrumental)