Paintings by Laszlo Gyemant

Artist Laszlo Gyemant has made several sketches and paintings of Csilla. In Sandor Friderikusz’s book, titled ‘God Bless the Queen!’, Laszlo Gyemant talks about the issues surrounding the creation of these paintings:
“Let me start by saying that I couldn’t care less about these kinds of things. I am interested in painting and drawing and Jazz but not even remotely in these things. At one point, I was invited to a small gathering by Dr. Tamas Voros* where I was introduced to Csilla. Someone explained that she was the beauty queen. I have to admit that without my glasses I can only see silhouettes of people. That’s what happened with Csilla as well, I could only see her frame and to be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed. There was my painter friend Gyorgy Urban also present at this gathering and he kept telling me that the girl was beautiful. I took his word for it. Tamas Voros told me that as Csilla’s manager he wants to protect her from disappointments. That was it for that day. The next day I received a phone call from Tamas and he asked me bluntly if I wanted to paint Csilla. What could I say? Bring her to me and I’ll see. They came over right away and I started painting immediately.”

Csilla’s lawyer at the time said: “Only the artist Laszlo Gyemant could sense the lingering tragedy. His paintings of Csilla proved this very well.”


*Csilla’s manager and attorney

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